Jetovator Freedom Flyer Kit


Jetovator Freedom Flyer Kit FRDMFLYER-KA

Freedom Flyer by Jetovator:

(Includes Free Test/Training Flight with Purchase)

Purchase Price Includes:
•Freedom Chair
•60 Foot 4inch hose(black, yellow or red)
•Compact thrust adapter (u-pipe)
•Powerfly shock cord (for securing hose to PWC)

Jetovator Freedom Flyer Features:

• The ultimate flying lounge chair. Fun for everyone. The best hydroflight device for those with limited mobility.
• Infinite-swivel hose connector, allowing for spins and advanced maneuvers without concern for hose kinks
• Lengthened hose, providing a flight ceiling of 50+ feet
• Tri-Jet Design, allowing for lift and precision steering,
• Strengthened U-pipe jet ski connector, ensuring efficient water flow to the Jetovator.
• Compatible with most Yamaha, Kawasaki, SeaDoo watercraft (Note: PWC is NOT included in purchase price)

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