Jetovator Pro Bundle


Jetovator Pro Bundle BUNDLE-KA

Pro Bundle by Jetovator:

(Includes Free Test/Training Flight with Purchase)

Purchase Price Includes:
•Shred Sled
•Freedom Flyer
•Jetovator Jet Bike
•60 Foot 4inch hose(black, yellow or red)
•Compact thrust adapter (u-pipe)
•Powerfly shock cord (for securing hose to PWC)

Jetovator Pro Bundle Features:

The Jetovator Pro Bundle set is perfect for individuals or businesses who want to fly multiple devices with one PWC.

•A whole Season of Fun! Master all three Jetovator hydroflight devices
•Infinite-swivel hose connector, allowing for spins and advanced maneuvers without concern for hose kinks
•Lengthened hose, providing a flight ceiling of 50+ feet
•Strengthened U-pipe jet ski connector, ensuring efficient water flow to the Jetovator.
•Compatible with most Yamaha, Kawasaki, SeaDoo watercraft (Note: PWC is NOT included in purchase price)

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$12072.5 In stock
Type of PWC
Add landing gear for $643.50 (643.5)
Add Skat-Trak Dual Impeller for $825 (825)