The Jetovator is a water sports accessory that extends the ability of an existing personal watercraft (PWC). The Jetovator does not come with its own power source and and requires a minimum of 180 hp personal water craft to operate. The Jetovator redirects the water thrust from the jet unit of the PWC along a sixty-six hose to the Jetovator bike. This water thrust is then used to propel and elevate the Jetovator into the air. The rider can also redirect the water thrust of the two front nozzles in order to maneuver the Jetovator in all directions. The PWC, which provides the power, follows behind the Jetovator using the hose as a tether. It is similar to other water sports accessories like wake boarding or water skiing except the accessory is actually towing the boat rather than the other way around. The 66 foot connecting hose is attached to the PWC via a supplied thrust adapter that re-directs the jet thrust 180 degrees to the front of the PWC. This thrust adapter can be easily installed and removed, allowing the PWC to still be used as normal.

The standard Jetovator kit requires two people to operate it; a rider on the Jetovator controlling the height, and direction of the Jetovator, and a rider on the PWC controlling the throttle of the engine. Although this might sound complicated, generally the rider of the PWC just takes the throttle up to approximately 80% of full power and holds it there until the Jetovator rider is ready to come down (again, very similar to waterskiing or wakeboarding).

Having a trained operator on the PWC also makes the Jetovator an ideal rental vehicle for tourist destinations, as the PWC operator can apply the ideal amount of thrust based on the operators skill level. They can also cut the throttle at any time in the event that either the Jetovator or PWC comes too close to any other boat or object in the water. The PWC operator can also offer immediate assistance in the case of any problem.

Despite its impressive aerial capabilities, the Jetovator is actually incredibly easy to learn to operate. The idea of balancing atop a moving hose sounds impossible but the Jetovator provides such a stable platform that we can train just about anybody to operate it safely and proficiently within twenty minutes.

The Jetovator can attain forward speeds of 25mph and riders can cruise in comfort for long distances should they choose to. The production Jetovator is limited to a height of 40 feet and can also dive under water for brief durations. Skilled riders can also perform freestyle tricks but we recommend these only be attempted by well practiced operators in a safe environment clear of any other people or boats.


  • Buoyant Hydrodynamic Body
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Frame
  • Jet Unit Thrust Adapter
  • 66 Foot Rawhide Hose
  • Attaches to Sea Doo, Yamaha or Kawasaki


  • Flys up to 40 feet
  • Dive down to 10 feet
  • Speeds up to 25 mph
  • Back flips
  • Barrel rolls
  • Corkscrews

Available Options

  • Suspension Landing Gear
  • Double Impeller
  • PWC Auxiliary Steering
  • PWC Power Nozzle
  • Thrust Adapter Cap
  • Neidner Stunt Hoses
  • Rawhide Hoses

Now available with Flyboard Adapter!

NEW! Adapter Options/Accessories

  • Jetovator Bike to Flyboard Hose
  • Jetovator Bike to X-Jets Hose
  • Jetovator Bike to Defy Hose
  • Jetovator Hose to Flyboard Adapter
  • Jetovator Hose to X-Jets Adapter

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